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The Printed Workshops, DVDs and CD Backtracks for the Type Accordion you Play:
Diatonic Button Box Accordion
Keyboard Accordion
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Houston Accordion Performers, Sponsored by Heritage Arts Productions, has designed and delivered thousands of Master The Accordion Workshops across the US and has made them available here for you. All levels - the beginner, intermediate, and advanced accordionist will benefit from ALL the Workshops.

These workshops are inspirational, motivational, and above all - THEY WORK - to build your playing ablility and "performance ready" CONFIDENCE!

Workshop Presenters:

Joe Borrego, was an Accordion Instructor for Houston Accordion Performers (HAPi), and has taught for over 30 years, is a professional musician, and outstanding Workshopper. He wrote and designed "Traditional Conjunto" Button Box Instruction.

Shelia Lee, owner of HAPi, and Director for Heritage Arts Productions, has taught for over 40 years, is a professional musician, and outstanding workshopper Too!. She delivers the KISS, Improve Your Improv, and 3 other Keyboard Workshops, PLUS 2 Dvds - Basic Accordion for button box.

Mark Ropel, has taught since High School, is an outstanding accordionist and is the producer for the Palmer & Hughes Keyboard Accordion Lesson Books LIVE - ON-LINE - weekly - FREE. Click here to find the LIVE link and the recorded sessions as well as download the FREE Instructions and Sheet Music - FREE.

Mario Pedone, has his PhD in Accordion Performance and is a MASTER Accordionist and performer.

Currenlty - there are 3 DVD collections with backtracks produced by each of them for Button Accordion, and 2 DVD collections with backtracks, plus many book collections produced by Shelia and Mario for Keyboard Accordion.

The Printed Workshops, DVDs and CD Backtracks are available for BOTH Diatonic Button Box Accordion AND Keyboard Accordion. Please watch which you pick.

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