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Heritage Arts Accordion Productions is a 501(c)3 Educational non-profit Organization. Please read our purpose and Mission Statement below.

To Contact us:

Houston Accordion Performers
1715 Market St
Galveston, TX 77550
281-780-8656 or email: Shelia Lee

Board of Directors
President: Shelia Lee - Galveston, TX
Secretary: Dr. Daniel Kott - Killeen, TX
Treasurer: Mark Ropel - Pasadena, TX

Advisory Board:
Alex Meixner
Mario Pedone
Robert Rodriguez
Gilbert Reyes
Edita Rybak

The purpose for this corporation is to:

a) research and create archival capabilities, (Dropbox, Blog, Hard Copy)
b) develop materials and processes that will educate and teach,
c) publish research, teaching processes, and training materials, and
d) provide rehearsal, performance, and guest professional workshop opportunities,
e) provide certification for students, performers, and teachers to encourage uniformity of skill set learning,

with the goal to aid in the skills and materials (scores, instruments, & equipment) needed by all ages to showcase their performing arts abilities with an emphasis on musical classical, traditional, heritage, and folk styles.

The emphasis will be to concentrate on the music that until now has been handed down from our talented parents, grandparents, and other ethnic influences. This hand-me-down process will be researched, documented, and then taught - encouraging the sharing of these talents from professional to instructor to student.

The final purpose is to document the research, teaching materials and methods, and processes into archival format (both print and electronic). This will be published (print and electronically) for furtherance of historical accuracy and future generations.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide high quality traditional, cultural, and heritage performance arts (instrumental) education for talented youth and adults. Special emphasis will be the sharing of these trained skills with public and private schools, under privileged population, and general public through performances and workshops that enhances the multiple cultural environments of our communities.

Sponsorship of the follow activities:
1. Cataloging and archiving of inventories

a. Research materials and activity materials (electronic and written)
b. Print - Music, scores, written training materials, written processes, choreography, published materials, etc.
c. Electronic = video, audio, electronic copies of print materials, etc.
d. Inherited and donated materials (research, print & electronic, instruments, etc.)
e. Native Dress (costumes), instruments, sound equipment, other production equipment, etc.
2. Development of training materials and processes a. Research with acclaimed professionals in designated field
b. Document path of training and processes
c. Creation of training materials (electronic, video, audio, print)
d. Creation of Certification process for students and teachers
3. Publishing of research and training materials and processes a. Setup and editing of all researched and created materials
b. Print, electronic, video, audio formats established
c. Establish copyright parameters
d. Distribution methods established (on-line. print, publishing house, etc)
4. Performance and Workshop Events a. Coordination of rehearsals and performances at public and private venues.
b. Organize and sponsor minimum one annual performance event to include Guest performer(s) or Guest Work Shopper(s)
c. Organize minimum 1 class or workshops quarterly with guest professional on topic that is deemed needed
d. Video and photographic opportunities of performances
e. Provide space for other private instructors to teach, rehearse and perform

General membership is open to any person with non-voting status, 18 years or older, who desires to support our Purpose and Mission Statement. Non-voting membership available in each category for persons below 18 yrs. of age. Annual membership will be setup as noted:

* Associate Member - $25 annually.
* Performance Member - $50 annually. Participation in min. 2 performances annually.
* Research Member - $100 annually. Active contributing researcher with co-publish credit.
* Professional Member - $250 annually. Active contributing Talent Professional with co-publish credit and recipient of digital audio and video products.
* Education Member - $500 annually. Active educator, recipient of published educational materials.
* Benefactor Member - over $500 annually. Recipient of choice of above plus credit on all published materials.

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